5 reasons to take protein shakes

The protein shakes are an excellent solution to bring a healthy diet when it ‘s hot or appetite is lost and at the same time top 10 protein supplements, you want to be in top form and get all the benefits that proteins pose to the body.


5 reasons (… OF WEIGHT! ) To take protein shakes:

  1. ADELGAZAR .- If you want to lose weight , keep in mind that protein shakes are in themselves a real remedy to lose weight , because proteins are the ideal food to lose fat without losing muscle mass or affect other tissues that are nourished by them . Without exaggerating (as it is done when you abuse them in hyperproteic diets too prolonged), protein shakes are ideal for losing fat fairly quickly. In addition, they provide a great benefit: they make you feel deflated and help to flatten the abdomen.
  2. STRENGTHENED. Paradoxically they also take those who want to strengthen themselves: when you are sick, in periods of convalescence or waiting for some aggressive treatment, you need to be in top form, not necessarily gain weight, but to acquire muscle mass, so that the protein shake is also ideal for those who want a nutritious supplement that gives them strength and energy.
  3. DO SPORT. It is sometimes uncomfortable for athletes to take a meal after or before exercising. Therefore, protein preparations are ideal for acquiring resistance and also for recovering from intense exercise. All athletes know them perfectly.
  4. COMFORT .- The convenience of a drink that you can prepare in less than a minute and that can substitute a meal is very appreciated when you are in a hurry, when eating out or when it is hot and you do not feel like cooking or eating. eat heavy dishes.
  5. RAPIDITY. -It already depends on the type d shake. They can be made at home (in a next post we explain shake recipes, or how to make deliciously protein shakes in the home kitchen), but if you do not have time there are delicious preparations of protein powder (in envelopes or in boat), among which (our favorite is Spirutein in terms of flavor), some are delicious and there are coffee, chocolate, strawberry, etc. There are also natural flavors to mix with juice or whatever you want. They have the advantage of being free of allergens and of being made with vegetable proteins.
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