5 tips for fast weight loss

Burn more fat So that you can relax and enjoy good shape in your life, we have 5 tricks to burn fat for you. With these strategies you achieve the maximum fat burning. Just integrate it into your training – or start the fat-away program from today Performix SST Review.

The 5 tricks about burning fat


  1. Interval training

Interval training can be done in various sports – for example, on the treadmill, the bike or crosstrainer. Important: There is a stress and a recovery phase. Change quickly from one device to the next. This type of exercise is not only fun, but also great for burning fat and protects your heart.


  1. Strength training

The training of the muscles and fat burning go hand in hand. The big advantage of strength training lies in the afterburning effect. So one calls the increased metabolic activity after an intensive physical load, with increased fat burning – also at rest!


  1. Cross trainer

Running on the crosstrainers is great for burning fat. Our tip: Do our cardiocsan and combine your running training with strength training. We’ll show you how to get fit in just 2 x 40 min / week and burn more fat immediately.


  1. No carbohydrates in the evening

Make sure you do not consume carbohydrates in the evening. Potatoes, pasta, rice and bread are therefore taboo – as are snacks or the after-work beer. In addition to the additional calorie intake thereby the insulin production is promoted – thereby the natural fat burning is inhibited. The evening meal should be taken soon enough and not too heavy so that the body will not be deterred from digesting its important regeneration work!


  1. Sufficient sleep

Falling asleep before midnight is the magic formula. Lack of sleep makes you fat Just turn off, switch off cellphone, facebook, twitter etc.

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