Fiber Optic Cable Will be standard Soon

Cables made of polymeric optical fibers are the highest standard in household networking. The optical lines enable transmissions up to 100 Mbit / s – the expansion in Austria is progressing steadily.

The multimedia networking is in many households today important part and is becoming increasingly important. It is clear that new technologies are entering the market in the cable sector as well. The POF cable (Polymer Optical Fibers) has been developed as a way of professionalizing networking in the smart home and of being prepared for future demands.

Maximum flexibility

On the one hand, new developments (devices and applications) require maximum flexibility, even in networking. On the other hand, equipping a household with networks is becoming more and more commonplace. Correspondingly, equipping the house with data lines that can be planned and used in the long term just like the pipelines for gas, water or electricity is only a logical consequence. Incidentally, POF cables can be laid in existing pipelines, which also makes upgrading existing buildings easier.

The POF cable by Sopto meets both requirements. The electrician can install this (also later) in the piping. The sockets can then be provided at any time with optical connections as needed. Thanks to the optical transmission, there are no grounding problems. The data packets are converted by media converters into optical signals and transmitted via the POF cables. The current transmission rate is 100 Mbit / s, but in a test phase one is already working on reaching the gigabit limit.

At present, polymer optical fiber networking is particularly suitable for applications such as IP-TV, broadband Internet access and networked PCs – but soon the integration of wireless devices or multifunction touch panels is also to be possible.

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