Green smoothies – kidney stones included

Green Smoothies are the latest kitchen trend. Not only spinach comes in the blender, but also the leaves of radishes or trees. This is supposed to be healthy. But Udo Pollmer warns of serious dangers for kidneys and thyroid Shakeology reviews.

A trend is gaining momentum: the green smoothies. The contributions in public television are becoming increasingly euphoric. It’s not about cucumbers, which are finely chopped up in the blender, so that old people in nursing homes cannot have to chew. No, it is a hype among the boys and beautiful, who want to drink even younger and more beautiful. Also, the thin porridge to strengthen the sense of “the bigger picture”, as it announces the relevant advisers.

Of course, not ordinary salad leaves are sufficient for this lofty goal, as it already needs exquisite raw materials. In the ARD the leaves of radishes, kohlrabi and cabbage cabbage are explicitly recommended. The reason: “At the vegetable stall or in the supermarket we like to leave it as waste – but that is a tremendous waste.” Why not including packaging in the blender? It would be a pity!

Foliage is inedible for humans

The Biotonne offers TV nutritionists a wide field of activity. In it, many a treasure is waiting to be lifted. For green smoothies even garden waste come into the blender – in addition to Radieschenlaub also rhubarb leaves or weeds such as nettles and sorrel; plus a handful of leaves from trees, refined with broccoli sprouts. This is not so new: A broth of nettles and rhubarb leaves takes the organic farmer to fight aphids.

The foliage of trees was eaten for us for the last time nearly 100 years ago – during the famine towards the end of the First World War. As foliage is inedible it was crushed, ground and used as a bread extender. Radish leaves, carrot leaves and kiwi pies have not been thrown out of ignorance, but because worthless to unhealthy.

It is true, in a sense, that it is claimed that wild herbs and peel contain more active ingredients, “than tablets and drops”. But these drugs have lost nothing in the food. The main cause of problems is oxalic acid; it causes kidney stones, then the goitrogenic substances that prank the thyroid, polyacetylenes, lectins, etc. All natural pesticides – as protection against pests. To warn the ignorant, the stuff tastes bitter. But so that the repugnant Gesundheitsplört is not reflexively spat out, the advisers recommend tasting with lemon juice, sweeteners and many spices.

Raw leafy vegetables are the main cause of food poisoning

Especially the bitter is especially healthy – and is therefore explicitly recommended even pregnant women. In addition, it benefits the figure, because “healthy” slow down the “cravings”. Unfortunately only for a short time, as long as it spoils the appetite. There are only a few bitter substances that humans can use. The best known is the caffeine in the coffee. Most of the others belong to the same category as the strychnine from the Brechnuss. Strychnine was not only used as a rat poison, but was of course also used as a tonic – because bitter must be healthy.

A few years ago, organic sprouts with EHEC germs claimed more than 50 deaths in Germany. Fortunately, at that time many careless eaters could be rescued by an unauthorized genetically engineered product. But not only sprouts can be heavily contaminated; raw leafy vegetables are the main cause of food poisoning – more important than mussels and mushrooms. When sprouts, peels and leafy vegetables enter the mixer, the germs are distributed in a nutrient solution from destroyed cells – an ideal breeding ground for pathogens.

So if you are invited to eat with nutritionally aware contemporaries, as a precaution, keep the phone number of the next poison emergency call at hand – you never know from which unclean sources or tons the hosts have derived their knowledge. Meal!

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