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Green Smoothies – knowledge, recipes and mixer tips around the vital drink

How often do we intend to pay more attention to our health – but mostly without success? Especially a balanced diet is a challenge for many people in their stressful working life. The solution is so close: Vitaly-rich green smoothies made from fresh fruit and vegetables are ready-mixed in minutes Amazing Grass reviews.

The reason why the green smoothie has been in vogue not only for environmentally conscious people for years now. The raw food drink is brimming with vital vitamins and vital substances, natural bitter substances and other valuable plant substances.

we dedicate ourselves to the healthy power drink and give you valuable tips on raw food nutrition. Discover our recipes with seasonal fruits and vegetables learn practical blender tips and ask us your personal question about the green smoothie!

Green Smoothies: Interesting facts for beginners and advanced

we would like to introduce you to our favorite drink. We will inform you about interesting facts about the green smoothie and the nutritional trend Back to Raw. In addition, we give you valuable tips for gentle processing of fresh fruits and vegetables in raw food quality.

Try our delicious smoothie recipes and discover the spinach-blueberry smoothie, the sunshine smoothie or our children’s smoothie. Mix beginners will find various instruction videos on GrĂ¼, which make it easy to make your own green smoothie.

For advanced users, we offer on our blog valuable professional tips for creamy-smoothies smoothies full of nutrients. In-depth knowledge articles make even complex topics around raw food nutrition, green smoothies and perfect health easy to understand.


The best mixer for green smoothies

Making green smoothies yourself is not difficult with the right blender. A powerful blender processes even hard leaves at the touch of a button to creamy-smooth smoothies. On our blog we introduce you to innovative and everyday Blender, including the proven Vitamix professional mixers as well as recent novelties.

With product descriptions and mixer comparisons, we help you find the right blender for your kitchen. We report on our own experiences and let professional users have their say. The focus is always on the gentle processing of fresh fruits and vegetables in raw food quality.

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