The best 5 exercises to burn fat

If you are deciding to lose weight, burning fat becomes essential. And for this we must combine two things: exercise and a well-balanced diet to achieve your goals. Below I will give you the five best cardiovascular exercises to incinerate Fat Burner Pills.


  1. Elliptical

Whether in the comfort of your home or in a gym, the elliptical is a great option when it comes to losing fat very useful to incinerate fat. Designed to simulate movements of climbing stairs and running. It is a machine that does not impact the joints. Use the movable arms to give him an additional exercise.

  1. Running

Running is the exercise that is proven to burn up to 350 calories in 30 minutes. you can run in the street or in a gym band, you can increase the caloric consumption if you run uphill, run at intervals, running on the beach, this becomes heavier. If you run on the floor make sure you have good tennis shoes to avoid the impact on the knees.

  1. Step

The aerobic step is the favorite of many women because apart from burning 400 calories in 30 min. works legs, hips and glutes.

  1. Spinning or Cycling

If your thing is to enjoy the landscape and the wind in your face get on the bike and go to the nearest park and enjoy while you burn calories. Or you can opt for spinning classes that can burn up to 500 calories in 40 minutes.


  1. Swimming

And for those days when the heat does not let up that better than burning calories in an Olympic pool with cold water and practicing one of the best cardiovascular exercises that will help you eliminate fat, it burns up to 750 calories in just 30 minutes. Because it burns so many calories in no time either? Well the answer is easy work all your muscles and helps you tone.

Now that you have this information it is already your decision which one you will use to get rid of that fat.

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