Top 5 reasons why breakfast is so important

Start your day with a rich breakfast

It seems to me as if it had been yesterday, when my grandmother preached day in day out, how important the breakfast is: “Eat your breakfast, so that you are full of energy all day!”, She always told me. As a child or adolescent, fitness and physical health meant comparatively little to me, so it was always hard for me to take them seriously in these matters. In retrospect, I appreciate her advice today all the more. Because breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day – with a delicious and proper breakfast, you’ll be able to show more performance throughout the day – whether at work, school / college or training. Unfortunately, for many people, breakfast has become a weekend phenomenon. Sure – time is money and that is why most of them take something to the baker on their way to work. It just goes faster and is more comfortable than going to the kitchen every morning to pancake or prepare a cereal amazing grass.

To understand the importance of breakfast, however, you should first know what happens to all the nutrients in your body. To function, your cells need sugar – in short: glucose, which is released from the sugar store of the liver. Overnight, these stores are largely emptied, so you should urgently refill them to recharge their batteries for the rest of the day. Because if you have too little sugar in your cells, from which your body can draw the needed energy, it will sooner or later access your protein storage – ie your muscles. And no one wants to lose muscle. Furthermore, you will quickly realize that on days when you have rich breakfast, you will have a restrained appetite throughout the day as a decent,

The top 5, why a breakfast is so important

❶ Stay healthy! If you do not eat breakfast in the morning, you will have health problems. According to scientific studies, omission of breakfast may increase the likelihood of being overweight; diabetes mellitus type II or heart disease by up to 50%. Maybe for (expectant) parents also not completely uninteresting: Children / young people who skip the breakfast, later tend to use more often to cigarettes, alcohol or similar.


❷ Stay slim! A rich breakfast consisting of oatmeal and fruit ensures that you consume fewer calories throughout the day than people who, for example, do not even have breakfast or a comparatively unhealthy breakfast (butterbreze, nut slug, etc.).


❸ Stay hydrated! As you sleep, most of your fluid storage is drained. As a perfect start to the day you provide enough water, tees or juice spritzers for the hydrogenation of your body and can therefore get the maximum in performance! Another tip from me: Before you reach for coffee or black tea, you should grab another glass of water.


❹ Stay strong! Milk is the perfect food, if you get in the morning rather little bit solid. With delicious smoothies consisting of milk, fruit and oatmeal, you can fill up enough energy for the rest of the day in just a few slips and it also tastes great. Protein granola muesli with Greek yoghurt is guaranteed to wake you up.


❺ Stay bitter! Citrus fruits, especially the bitter grapefruit, help you in the weight loss process. Because thanks to their bitter substances, you can lower your insulin but also your cholesterol and you will be able to feel full much faster and longer.


What does a perfect breakfast look like?

To start the day perfectly, you have several alternatives. However, it is important that you take enough carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and water. Furthermore, you should be aware that these are mainly complex carbohydrates (wholemeal bread, oatmeal, fruits, vegetables), as these types of carbohydrates have a low glycemic index and thus your insulin levels will not turn down so much. A recipe idea would be for example our popular Healthy French Toast. You could refine it, as in the recipe with Chia seeds , or with a delicious natural spread, such as untreated peanut butter .


If you are more of a smoothie or protein shake type, you can of course start the day with a tasty protein shake. Of course, a whey protein is recommended because it can be taken up very quickly by your body. But if you do not feel like eating the same flavor every day, you can easily order a taste-neutral protein and sweeten it to your taste thanks to the many flavor powders or FlavDrops.


Insider tip from me and the other vitafy colleagues: A taste-neutral Whey protein in combination with chocolate and banana flavor, plus a banana, a teaspoon of peanut butter and some coconut oil and crushed ice. Put everything in a blender and enjoy the super delicious banana split shake!?

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