Why you should always drink your smoothies immediately

You finally want to do something good for your body and opt for a home-made green smoothie  Рso far, so good. But directly prepare two liters, so you have the next five days still something of it? This is not a good idea! Because: After a certain amount of time, the contained vitamins are lost (even more than are already destroyed during the preparation), so that the smoothie almost only delivers empty calories in the end amazing grass review.


How long can you leave your smoothie before drinking it? We once made a smart decision with nutrition expert Stefan Koffinke: “You should always drink a homemade smoothie on the same day, at most the next day. Then vitamins are already lost – but that’s still a lot better than buying a ready-made smoothie in a supermarket that you drink right away. ”


Aha, good to know! For a longer shelf life it is definitely advisable to put the smoothie in the fridge . “The cold keeps him fresh for longer. And the fact that there is no light or air on it makes it more durable, “explains the nutritionist. To close it (for example with cling film) helps by the way – otherwise there is a risk that the smoothie still reacts with the oxygen in the air.


Does the shelf life depend on the ingredients? For example, does a banana and apple smoothie last longer than the orange and strawberry variety? Yes, says Stefan Koffinke: “There is not really a big difference. For example, bananas are more likely to contain minerals than vitamins, so you may want to leave a banana smoothie a bit longer because they will not be lost. Strawberries, on the other hand, are high in vitamin C, so they do not last that long. “

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